Registration fees

There is a one time registration fee of $90.00. Registration includes all forms and a meeting or phone consult with the Program Director to get to know you and your child. All fees must be paid prior to attending a session.  All fees are subject to change.



We know that sometimes things happen and you cannot make your scheduled sessions.  If this happens we ask that you give us 7 day’s notice and we will be happy to reschedule your session at no additional cost.  If you cancel without prior notice we will not be able to refund your session due to the costs of activities and or field trips that we have already purchased.


Inclement Weather

If we close due to inclement weather we will make every effort to let you know.  We will be happy to schedule you for another session at no additional charge.


Peer Model Volunteers

We are always seeking peer model volunteers.  Peer model volunteers will be taken on a case by case situation.  We look for very patient and understanding children to take on this role.


Staff Volunteers

All volunteers are subject to a criminal back ground check through Washing State Patrol to ensure the safety of our programs.  All volunteers will be trained directly with the Program Manager and Activities Director.  Any information given to a volunteer regarding a child in the program will be on a need to know basis.


Open Door Policy

We believe in working as a team.  If you would like to schedule an observation for yourself or an outside therapist we will be happy to accomodate your request.  We ask that you set up a date and time with the Program Manager.


Photo Release

We often take photos during sessions.  The main reason for taking photos is to provide pictures to parents of the great experiences their children are having.  We do sometimes place the photos on Basic Beginnings Facebook page or in advertising.  While we appreciate you signing the photo release it is not required.


Returned Checks

Any returned checks will have a return fee of $35.00.


Late Pick Ups

We understand that from time to time you could run late picking your child up due to unforeseen events such as traffic.  We ask that you make every attempt to notify us as soon as possible by calling (425) 922-7720 if this is going to be the case. 


You can contact Basic Beginnings for any questions regarding these policies.