Hear what our clients have to say about Basic Beginnings!

“Tabitha, I just have to thank you & Ryan & the other kids at camp. My son is having such a wonderful time & is so so regulated in the afternoons after camp. I’m able to do things with him that are usually such a challenge & he’s so happy. My husband even commented tonight about how happy our son has been over this past week. So thank you both so very much. We’ll be back in summer for sure!”– J.J.


“Tabitha and Ryan have been wonderful with our daughter. We were very nervous the first day leaving her at Camp Friendship due to some of her behaviors; however, Tabitha and Ryan were able to redirect her and use different behavior strategies to keep her engaged. Our daughter loves to go to Camp Friendship. Thank you!!!”– C.S.


“What an incredibly valuable resource you are providing to so many families in our community. My child had an AWESOME time at friendship camp – he was happy and relaxed the entire week. He was so proud of his accomplishments. The few times that he struggled, Tabitha and Ryan were calm and compassionate, and helped him to de-escalate beautifully. It’s obvious they have a great talent for working with our special kids – I can’t say enough good things about Basic Beginnings!”— R.M.


“My daughter (age 16) has been attending Teens Rock for over a year – both the weeknight program during the school year, and the summer camp.  She absolutely loves it – hops out of the car when we get there.  That in itself makes a huge statement; she knows she is accepted and knows what is expected of her.  The program balances having fun and building friendships with learning and enforcing life skills.  The staff is amazing; they take the time to get to know what each teen needs to become successful. They set boundaries and provide endless positive support.  Teens Rock has boosted my daughter’s self confidence and has made it easier to introduce new responsibilities at home.”–T.P.


“Basic Beginnings is a wonderful program! Tabitha and Ryan are amazing. Their dedication and commitment to this program is truly admirable. The program focuses on what our kids truly need: social skills and life skills that will allow them to gain confidence and independence.  Every session is filled with wonderful opportunities to learn and grow in a supportive learning environment. We have never seen our child so happy and excited to go to camp! This program is the perfect fit for him. Thank you, Tabitha and Ryan!”–Y.V.


“My daughter (age 11) has been attending Basic Beginnings Summer Camp for three years now. She is always happy and looking forward to go there. Tabitha and all the teachers there are just amazing. Not only they have extensive experience working with kids with special needs, they truly love and care for my daughter. They are also very helpful accommodating my daughter’s GFCF dietary needs. My daughter has had wonderful times and made great progresses at Basic Beginnings.”– L.L.


“Our son has blossomed since joining Teens Rock! He’s gained new confidence, independence skills and friends. He looks forward to every session and comes home so happy and proud of the things he’s accomplished. It’s the only place my teen is able to be 100% himself without any worries. Thank you Tabitha and Ryan!–A.D.  


“Our son just loves attending Teen’s Rock! He has made new friends, gained life skills toward independence and has totally become like a beautiful butterfly coming out of his cocoon. We thank Tabitha, Ryan, and staff for this valuable resource! They are wonderful with the Teens- I call them Autism Whisperers!” P.B.


” Our son loves coming to Camp Friendship sessions, and we love to see  him working on friendships he’s  made with other kids there. It is difficult to find a camp program in the area that focuses on autism and social skills, and Camp Friendship is exactly what we were looking for. We appreciate seeing the photo highlights on Facebook too- it makes it a lot easier to get him to talk about his day when he can use the pictures to explain the different activities.” K.P.


“Camp friendship has been a life saver for us. Finally a social skills program that offers peer models in real interactive environments. My son gets to “play” with children and under close guidance and is taught better ways to interact, how to problem solve, and even how to initiate play. All along working on speech and OT skills naturally. We can’t say enough good about this program and the amazing caring staff.” S.M.


“We have been so blessed to have our son be apart of the Teens Rock program at Basic Beginnings.   From the very first session, Tabitha and Ryan worked easily and positively with our son.  He has had the opportunity to participate in the community in ways he never had prior to Basic Beginnings.  Our son looks forward to every session he attends.  Tabitha and Ryan are our guardian angels!!” S.S.